TEW-673GRU All-In-One Solutions For Wireless Router, Storage, and Print Server

EW-673GRU Wireless USB Routers are high performance wireless N Gigabit routers with simultaneous dual band technology. The routers support two USB ports to permit you share USB Storage in one port, and share USB printer on the other port – eliminating separate storage server and print server or dedicated always-on computer for print server.

There are lots of benefits you will get with the computer networks; and couples of them are they enable you share one (or even more) storage disk and something (or more) printer to be accessible by many users (computers) in the network. Typically you must configure a computer (server) and configure it as the storage server to permit users on the network share the documents on the server.

With a share printer on the network, you require a wired print server or wireless print server and configure it to permit all the users on the network get access to the printer. Traditionally you configure a separate always-on computer and configure it as the print server, attach a multifunction printer in the USB port of the computer and configure it to be accessible by users on the network.

With TEW-673GRU Wireless USB routers, you may use the available two USB ports of the router and configure one port for print server and the other port for storage server (with the USB control utility). With cable to connect laptop to printer , it is possible to eliminate dedicated always-on computer for print server and storage server. Compared to other wireless routers in its class which are typically embedded with only one USB port (which enable you share storage or share printer in a single time), TEW-673GRU offers you one step ahead of them by giving two USB ports to aid both storage disk and print server in a single time in an individual router.

Note: If you plan on connecting a multi-function printer to the USB port on the TEW-673GRU, firstly you need to install the printer drivers on your pc. Then shutdown the printer and disconnect the printer from your own computer.

Other General Features

TEW-673GRU Wireless USB routers are powered by the latest wireless technology – the ultimate version of the wireless 802.11n standards which is combined with smart antenna MIMO technology provides the unsurpassed dual-band wireless speed, coverage, and reliability with up to 14x the speed and 6x the coverage of a wireless g devices. The simultaneous dual-band technology creates two separate 300Mbps wireless N networks (both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz frequency bands) simultaneously. The good thing is that you can watch what is going on together with your networks like the performance, the security, and other device information with a color LCD management interface.

For the wired connections, TEW-673GRU wireless USB routers provide 4 x Gigabit Auto-MDIX Ethernet ports to allow you connect around four computers with high-speed direct link with the router. Besides, the router also supports 1x WAN Gigabit port to permit you connect to the high-speed ONLINE SITES infrastructure such as high-speed DSL or DOCSIS 3 or EuroDOCSIS 3 Cable infrastructure.

Advanced Security

The other benefit with this router is that it supports multiple SSIDs to allow you create different security boundaries to segregate different security policies that meet different sets of users. You can provide guests different access with certain limitations separate from your own private network. For wireless connection security, the router supports the most recent industrial wireless security WPA/WPA2 including RADIUS for deployment in the corporate network that supports RADIUS. To permit Tele-workers hook up to the network via the general public network (aka the internet), the router supports multiple VPN pass-through sessions using L2TP, IPSec, and PPTP.


Installation the router is quite easy. Connect one end of a RJ-45 cable to the TEW-673GRU’s WAN port and connect another end of the cable to your modem (either Cable or DSL). To allow you configure the router, connect one computer direct to 1 of the router ports of the router. To access the router via the browser, you can type the default IP address of the TEW-673GRU that is and press Enter. Type in default user-name and the default password admin, follow the installation wizard.

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